Bosnia - The country of the wild horse

PHOTO TOUR with focus on WILDLIFE & LANDSCAPE photography
August 2021

This unique photo trip takes place in the impressive mountain plateau of Kruzi. A no man's land, forgotten for decades, located in the southwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina, not far from the border to Croatia.


This area fascinates by its original landscapes - lush forests in spring and golden valleys in summer, clear blue skies, endless snow-covered slopes and glittering springs.


This majestic and still intact nature is the home of the Bosnian wild horses, which we will get to know and photograph in all their beauty during our 3-day photo excursion.


A photo trip for nature lovers!

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Information about this Photo Tour

What makes the wild horse photo tour offered by AdventureInFocus so special:

Small group of maximum 6 participants. Intensive, individual coaching. 

Transport to Split/Livno and back

Including two seminars  on-site about image post processing. This includes an introduction to the theory of photographic composition and the fundamentals of landscape photography. You will learn how to use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom efficiently, develop your own image style, and streamline your photographic workflow. 

Daily guided tours, with two photo trainers (Runa & Urip) and a local guide. 

Half board in a double room in an exclusive hotel in Livno. Single room available at extra charge. 

Dinner in rustic Bosnian "Hunters Tavern",

Picnic in the mountains. 


August 2021


High plateau of Kruzi

Livno, Bosnien



4 days

Arrival thu. evening

Departure sun. afternoon




Wildlife, nature- & landscape photography


499 €  

Double room-appartement*


Single room


Tour description

What you will experience this on the photo trip with us:

This trip focuses on nature, landscape and wildlife photography. 

A guide who is familiar with the area will take us daily by jeep to the habitat of the wild horses, the high plateau of Kruzi. Up there in the wild nature there are neither roads nor settlements, we are completely "off-road".


In the midst of this untouched nature you will not only feel a deep silence and serenity, we will also have the opportunity to take unique nature and landscape photographs. We will be supported by the professional help of the two photo trainers and our guide, who will take us to the most beautiful corners of this huge, untouched wilderness at the best time of day.


Besides the 600 horses that are roaming freely, there are many other wild animals to observe, including wolves and bears, but these tend to stay away from humans and can only be seen very rarely and at great distances compared to the horses. During this tour we not only get to know wild horses, we can also get close to them!


We will also get to know the classic Bosnian cuisine - a dinner in a typical "Hunters Tavern" is also part of the program as well as a picnic in the middle of the beautiful mountains - discovering, photographing and enjoying is the motto! 


In the GALLERY you will find some of the highlights of our past wild horse photo trips. 

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Photographic highlights from past trips to Bosnia:
Eine Herde Wildpferde mit Nachwuchs
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Zwei Wildpferde-Hengste klären die Rangordung
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3 Generationen grasen friedlich
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Fotografieren in mitten der Wildpferde
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Ein junger Hengst zeigt Imponierverhalten
press to zoom
Ein junger Hengst im Schneesturm
press to zoom
Eine kleine Familie
press to zoom
Scheu aber doch voller Neugier
press to zoom
Begegnung zwischen Wildpferd und Fotografin
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Der Wächter
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Eine Stute mit ihrem Nachwuchs
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Raue Natur inmitten schneebedeckter Berge
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The high plateau of Kruzi (Krug), Bosnia.

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In the past years our Bosnia photo trip was an absolute highlight! We are therefore especially pleased to be able to offer it again in 2021 with our team!



You want to secure one of the coveted places? Then our two photo trainers, Urip and Runa, will be happy to get in touch with you personally.









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See you in Bosnia 2021!