Urip Dunker


Hello! My name is Urip Dunker and I am an engineer, photographer and vagabond.

I grew up in Cologne and got in touch with photography from an early age - my mother is a photo artist and my father is a filmmaker. Nevertheless, it was to take until I was 30 years old before I bought my first camera and fell in love with photography. When I moved to Switzerland for my first engineering job, the camera was initially a means to remember the breathtaking mountain scenery of the Alps on my weekly excursions. One thing led to another and less than 3 years later, I spent months travelling through South America armed with a camera, always in search of deserted landscapes, lonely sunrises and the next adventure.


But it is not the search for the next epic image that drives me, but rather the people, cultures and stories behind it. And so I hope to show you at least a small part of the world behind the pictures here on AdventureInFocus.


Here on AdventureInFocus I accompany you to help you taking great pictures or I am busy planning and creating exciting new tours. Jungle, mountains, desert - often you will find me in the remotest corners of this earth. I am also very interested in the theoretical part of photography - I will gladly explain to you what the golden ratio is and how you use primary and secondary colors to make your picture stand out from the rest.

You can see my pictures on www.uripdunker.com 

Please write me a Message, I am looking forward to hear from you.

My next Photo Tours and Workshops: 


➡️ Saxony Switzerland - Photoworkshop, August & October 2020

➡️ Annapurna Trek, Nepal - Photo Tour, February 2021

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