What the participants of our phototours say:

North India Phototour
Lea Precht  - Germany

"Two weeks through North India with Runa Lindberg were more than impressive. My photography has improved enormously through the practical coaching during this time".


I was able to capture breathtaking impressions that were created in absolutely authentic contact with the locals and their culture. Whether meditating Babas on the Ganges, children in the original village of the Hash-Valley of Malana, the panorama of the Himalayas or the abandoned ruins of Beatles-Ashram. Impressive locations and scenarios that became a real experience thanks to the good organization, cultural knowledge and great guidance of Runa.


An adventure that I can recommend to everyone!"


Holi Phototour
Javier Chor - Malaysia

I have always been wanting to experience Holi Festival for years & this year, I stumble upon Runa Lindberg's Photo Expedition tour to Mathura India to celebrate the world's oldest and longest Holi celebration at the legend of the Holi Festival.


I truly enjoy the trip, it was a very well organized tour. The celebration was magnificent, the food was delicious & the company was amazing.


Thanks Runa for the exceptional experience, you are an amazing leader! Thanks for all the planning and preparation and the blood, sweat, worries that you have put into this tour to make sure everyone in the group are well taken care off.



Thanks for making sure everyone in the team will get some great shots during the entire tour. Your great guidance on getting the best photos & the post processing tips & tricks are definitely very helpful. Not only did I leave with some great images back home, I also met some new friends from all over the world. I think I lost my love in India again :)


Highly recommended!


Holi Phototour
Christiane  - Germany

Vielen Dank liebes AdventureInFocus für diese wundervoll organisierte Fotoreise!

Der Besuch des Holi Festes in Indien stand schon lange auf meiner Bucket List, mit euch konnte der Traum wahr werden.

Es war ein echtes Abenteuer bei den vielen verschiedenen und verrückten Holi-Feiern dabei zu sein, die vielen schönen Bilder die ich machen konnte werden mich noch lange an diese tolle Reise erinnern! 


Photo Workshop in the blue city of Jodhpur
Jürgen Held  - Germany

As a fan of India with more than 20 journeys through the subcontinent, Runa Lindberg aka "Runa Nightsongwoods", with her authentic pictures of India has long attracted my attention. We have been digital friends for a few years now and I am always happy to see new pictures of her on Facebook or Instagram. So it was that I immediately noticed her announcement for a workshop in Jodhpur, together with Tejas Soni, a Canon Photo Mentor from India. 


As a travel photographer my intention was not so much to learn how to set aperture and exposure time, but rather how the two professionals Runa and Tejas see and photograph India. Of course, I also expected to get to know places and people that I would have difficulty or not at all getting in front of the camera without Indian support

As announced, the course started on Friday at noon. After a short round of introductions we went straight into the alleys of the old town in Jodhpur. Beside Runa and Tejas there was also Tejas assistant and a local guide, which is of course very valuable when it comes to access to especially photogenic and hidden places. The photo yield was accordingly high. Runa and Tejas were always available for questions and suggestions. Again and again the two pointed out a special perspective or lighting mood.


The wishes of the participants were taken into account and the know-how of the two speakers complemented each other perfectly. The excursions were varied and as a special highlight I found the organization of some models, who help us to fill the pictures of the blue old town with life, without having to wait for hours for people to pass by who happen to fit into the photo of 1001 Nights, according to western ideas. I also had to think a bit about Steve Mc Curry and the suspicion that his pictures were also made with the help of models became a safe assumption.


My expectations at least a three-day guided tour through the old town of Jodhpur, based on photographic criteria, were more than exceeded. The course cost the equivalent of 120 euros, but we had two professional photographers at our side who complemented each other perfectly. Although I thought I already knew quite a lot, I learned a lot from both of them, which improves my photography. I didn't want to miss those three days. If there is anything to criticize, then as a German, who is famous for his punctuality, one could criticize the slight delays of the Indian speaker. I'm talking 15-20 minutes tops. Perhaps a specially organised participant could also be bothered by the fact that the excursions and the daily schedule were not communicated in detail in advance.  


In the feedback round at the end, I stated exactly that. For me it was good the way it was, because I like exactly this spontaneity in connection with "No Problem". But I could imagine that some western course participants have problems with the Indian mentality. But after I got to know Runa live, I am convinced that in the next internationally offered course the Indian sense of time will be adapted to the German punctuality. 


For me, the course was a highlight and I can recommend every photo enthusiast traveler to join Runa and Tejas. You will get the photo know-how of two professionals and will get to know India in a very special way.

Private Phototour India
Ralf Weinand - Malaysia

"Dear Runa,

Thank you very much for the interesting and instructive days with you in India. My expectations have been more than fulfilled - I was able to improve my photographic skills thanks to your help, it will certainly not be the last photo tour with you!"

Holi Phototour
Catia - Brazil

The first time I saw something about Holi, I was looking at photos of my favorite photographer in a book. At the time, I was impressed with the colors and beauty of two of the photos, but I didn't understand that the subject matter in the picture was of a festival. Years later, on Instagram, I found out that there was a festival full of colored powder in India. I went to Google and the photos I had really liked in the book were specifically from the Holi Festival. At the time I thought it must be a wonderful experience and that I would love to go someday to participate. 


Last year on Instagram I saw some Holi pictures and asked the Instagramer (who was also a woman) how she had gotten to the festival. She told me that she went with a Brazilian travel agency on a photo tour. That moment I thought: now I'm going to go to this festival! I called the agency, but when they sent me a program I was disappointed. Although the tour was called Holi Festival, they would only spend a few hours at the festival and the rest of the schedule was at places I had already been to India. I called to find out why and they said that the previous year people (especially women, but men as well) had been unable to stay for more than a few hours at the festival and asked to leave. For them, it was too tumultuous and too crazy an environment. Much more than they imagined it would be. Anyways, I imagined that if there were already agencies in Brazil with this program, there would be others abroad as well. Once again I went to Google. One of the first sites I saw was Runa´s, and when I looked, I recognized the photos immediately since I was already following her Instagram profile. I got in touch and closed quickly with her. 


The entire schedule was dedicated to Holi. It was a unique experience. High levels of colors and madness every day. It was a feast for the eyes of a person who likes colors like me. At times it was so involved that you could get lost in the moment without knowing what to do or photograph. I read on some websites that the best way to dress for Holi was by using light colors, but it was the opposite! When the person was wearing light clothes, they threw even more powder and water.  For a few days, I was wearing light t-shirts. So, you can imagine the result. The tension and fear of the camera not surviving the journey was a daily concern.


Runa took care of the group the entire time. She was tireless. She got unbelievable places for us to shoot and introduced us to incredible people. Still, in India, things are never as expected and changes happen all the time. Often in a matter of minutes. What is allowed at the moment, 5 minutes later another person will say that it is not allowed anymore, often using an unfriendly tone.


I don't think it's an experience for everyone. Quite the opposite! We spent hours standing and carrying equipment every day. Bathrooms? Don't even think about them! Once inside the temple, there was no way to get out and get inside again. The lunch was just the sandwiches that we took. Moods were linked in the last volume and the tumult was part of the script. I remember that at a certain moment a person in the group said: war is on! 

However, the photos, the experience, the places, and the people I met were worth all the effort made. And the food, I love Indian food! If resources and time were not finite, I would go again! I only recommend that women who want to go to wear a dark cape that covers their heads, arms, and even legs. And it must be waterproof!

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