Runa Lindberg

Runa Lindberg, Reisefotografin

📷 Runa has been drawn away for years. She loves "slow traveling", getting to know the country and its people and is always up front when it comes to traveling adventurous routes.


She has meditated with holy Indian men on the Ganges, driven over the world's most dangerous pass in an old, rickety jeep and drunk butter tea with Tibetan monks in the seclusion of the mountains.


In 2010 she discovered her passion for expressive travel photography with its many creative possibilities. This happened during a commissioned trip for a development aid organization in Cambodia.

Since then she has not only documented her travel adventures online, but also regularly exhibits the results, most recently at the Venice Biennale in 2019.


She has specialised in travel photography and is a real expert when it comes to the artistic photographic realisation of very special lighting moods.


Runa Lindberg is one half of the "AdventureInFocus-Team". She also works as a photo trainer and regularly writes about her exciting travel adventures in the "AdventureInFocus travel blog".


The next photo trips & workshops with Runa: 


➡️ Saxony Switzerland - Photo Workshop, August & October 2020

➡️ Holi Festival, India -Foto Tour, March 2021

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