Exhibitions and Publications

Runa and Urip regularly exhibit the pictures they took on their photo journeys and publish them in specialist magazines. 

A small selection of past exhibitions in publications is listed here. 

Through our work we want to promote intercultural exchange, show interesting traditions and festivals from all over the world and contribute to their preservation. 

Past Exhibitions



2017  „Kodak Moments“ Exhibition, Usagi Gallery in Dumbo, NY - USA

2017  "Telling a Story“  - CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR RUHR, Essen - Germany.

2017  "Centered" exhibition -  ART THESSALONIKI, International art fair, Thessaloniki - Greece. 

2017 „Urban Scenery" exhibition - Qlick Gallery, Amsterdam - Netherlands.



2018  „Art-Of-Photography“ exhibition, Orms Cape Town School of Photography, Cape Town - SA

2018 "SOLO" exhibition - Hinterland Gallery,  Vienna -  Austria.

2018 „MOSTLY WHITE“ exhibition - 5TH BASE GALLERY, London - UK

2018 „My favorite shots“ - Valid world hall, Barcelona - Spain

2018 „Colorful India“ Solo exhibition - Sanito, Leipzig - Germany

2018 „Colorful India“ mUSE Inspirationsweek , Hannover - Germany

2018 „Colorful India“ Designwerke, Hannover - Germany

2018 „Monochrome" exhibition - Canvas Gallery, Singapore - Malaysia

2018 „Telling a Story“ PHOTO IS:REAL Festival,  Tel Aviv - Israel



2019 „My Favorite Shots“ exhibition, Xpozer's New Gallery, - Netherlands

2019 „Centered" exhibition,  Berlin Blue Art (BBA) gallery,  Berlin - Germany.

2019 „Monochrome“ exhibition, RAVNIKAR GALLERY SPACE, Ljubljana - Slovenia.

2019 „Memorable Portraits“ Venice Biennale, Palazzo ca’ Zanardi, Venice - Italy. 







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