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What do I have to do to sign up for school?

In order to sign up for classes at Red Lake Nation College, you must first go through the admissions process. See a Student Success Counselor for details. You can also visit our Admissions page on this website for access to the online admissions application and other required documentation.

How do I pick out my classes?

Before you choose your classes, make sure you have taken the Accuplacer and Technology placement tests. See a Student Success Counselor for class registration.

How do I apply for emergency aid?

Stop and see a Student Success Counselor who will direct you to the website to complete the application ( The Emergency Aid Committee reviews all applications and makes the final decision regarding any aid that is distributed. Make sure you attach quotes for emergency aid requested.

Where can I get help with transportation?

See a Student Success Counselor who will ask you to complete a survey for a gas card or bus pass.